Blending Brazilian, European, American, and other international music styles into a soothing and acoustic sound, Jules has practically created her own genre.  She adorns each self-penned song with a unique, airy, and sultry voice, creating a style which is increasingly being referred to as simply “Jules Day music.”

Residing in the heart of Paris, France, Jules speaks French, English, and Italian.

The daughter of a drummer, her musical roots run deep.  Jules’ grandfather, Kyle Peterson, was founder of a jazz society whose mission was to preserve and promote jazz.  Growing up, Jules recalls various prominent jazz musicians socializing in her grandparents’ home late at night after gigs.  As a very young girl, Jules memorized as many of the jazz-era tunes as she could and often surprised her family with an acapella rendition of a song popularized by Ella Fitzgerald or Anita O’Day, to name a few.

At the age of 19, Jules headlined some of Los Angeles’ and Hollywood’s top nightclubs.  In a review of her live performance, the Los Angeles Times proclaimed in a headline, “Jules Day is a Star in the Making.”